PhuThai ladies and their clothing style.

■ “PHA JONG” or lady Shawl is currently still popular among PhuThai ladies and general Thai ladies. The dark red with occasionaly embed silk line can be seen on the fabric.

■ In the past, PHA JONG was not only used in the auspicious or favorable events but also in Funeral!

Beyond the high price of each elegant lady shawn, there is so much more higher value of each item in term of creator attention, complexity, uniquely and creativity in there

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead
Dr. Tiger - THfabricTG Lead

Published by Handmade Thai Fabric | Looking for local silk and cotton, looking around us

■ Handmade Thai Fabric | THfabricTG Official Blog - We are group of experts who fall in love Thai traditional handmade fabric products and would love to share their stories as well as to support Thai local female groups across Thailand who create these elegant products with their heart

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